Hi There: Day 1

So today marks the first day of an unforeseen number, during which we abstain from weed due to our dwindling finances. This blog is here to serve two purposes: make you laugh at the lengths we will go trying to find marijuana, while simultaneously attempting to catch the eye of 100,000 viewers in a record amount of time. All we ask of you is that you link all of your friends and family in hopes that they too might find our ramblings amusing. Even for those who don’t enjoy the occasional joint, spliff, bowl, what have you, we hope you enjoy the first hand view into the life of, what we would like to call, successful stoners. Sure we smoke most hours of the day, but we’re enrolled in college, having fun and trying to brighten the days of all those around us.

We hope you enjoy the voyage we’re about to take together. Please comment and engage us in conversation, link us to funny blogs/videos/anything that makes you laugh. But for god-sake, do not leave us alone and forlorn, bare to the cold winds of weedless nights yet to come.


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