Learning a New Language

Bookbinding Guide

Now let me teach you all a language of the stoner. We are a multilingual group. Everyone knows those times when you’re trying to communicate with your buddy in a crowd that you want to light up. But how do you do it with so many witnesses around?

“Want to go read a book?”  can be translated directly, “Want to go light up?”

If there are no books to be read, meaning there is no weed currently available, you either need to find a writer, the grower, or you need to find a publisher who takes care of distribution. I think I speak for the majority of weed smokers everywhere when I say, any opportunity to avoid dealing with a publisher is greatly appreciated.

If you chose to roll up your prized green, then you my friend are in need of a book binder. These guys know what they’re doing. They will turn paper and product into a perfect conical joint in a matter of minutes. These are great guys to have around, and if you can befriend a bookbinder, then you have been bestowed with an eternal gift.

At all costs, book-burners, or policeman, should be avoided. They are unhappy with the prevalence of books in todays modern world, and their sole mission is to lessen the quantity of books available. If you yell ‘book-burner’ to alert others, as long as they are fluent, they will be able to catch the drift. Be warned, however, yelling book-burner will make you appear even higher, so please vacate the area at your earliest convenience.

Great Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cosvM2D_3Eg


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