Thoughts on Birding

The Elusive, Northern Parula

To be honest, I never thought much of birding until I registered for courses a tad faded and come spring term of senior year, Ornithology, boom, what the f*ck.

At the time when I was choosing courses, I must have envisioned long field trips during which we walked through dew dropped fields and peered up in healthy curiosity at the trees, brimming full of tropically feathered birds just waiting for me to identify them.

In reality, the class did go on a weekly field trip through dew dropped fields, but the dew was accompanied by dawn on our 5 a.m. birding adventures. The birds, though funny enough to watch as they darted about their busy lives, were dull greys and browns, and the only colorful birds we saw were Robins.

The bonus of taking a class like Ornithology is, with such a specialized topic, you’re guaranteed to have a teacher who is utterly infatuated with the field. Their devotion to the subject alone make the other three classes a week easy to emerge yourself in, and to feel in harmony with the learning.


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