Can I Do This?

Sometimes the thought comes to mind, “Can I do this?” Typically it’s in a pivotal moment, one of life and death even. One of the greatest qualities of marijuana is that it causes you to stop and think, countless times, “Can I do this?”

Let me give you an example. Last night, I’m out on the street doing my thing, and a crew of guys was busy repaving the street. Now, in trying to cross the road back to the side of the street on which my apartment sits, my eyes caught the hot steam rising off the wet tar, along with the crew, rough looking men who probably drank with off duty cops every night. I immediately panicked and began to ask myself if I was capable of making it across the street. Not only was the earth seemingly melting, but there were men all up and down along the street who were undoubtably good friends with at least a few policemen.

The most insane and unreasonable thoughts come to mind when you’re high, but we must admit, that’s why we love it. In a world where we take so much at face value and don’t stop enough to enjoy things, having your mind working at a pace just quick enough to take in all that is around you, and in a manner that allows yourself to question your surroundings, is not so much an inconvenience as a beautiful thing. Weed seemingly gifts you the time it takes to stop, contemplate, and reflect. And for that I am thankful.


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