We’ve all experienced that scramble to assemble any and all funds for a mellow afternoon. There’s a sense of desperation as you check your savings account, look in books for bills used as bookmarks, and generally wreak havoc on your life trying to find the necessary fiscal backing.

Now I’m not endorsing pawning off everything you own in the search for the holy grail, but it would also be ignorant to say that everything lying around the house is being used, fulfilling it’s individual function. The truth is, we all have stashes of unwanted things around the house that we no longer use, no longer need, and which simply sit and collect dust.

Well BlueRectangle will help you organize your life, while reimbursing you (to some degree) for the things you deem no longer essential. You can sell literally anything, from a gift card to your car, all on They have competitive pricing, and are one of the leaders in their field, due to their courteous, quick, and organized manner of handling business.

Although they themselves do not purchase the items, BlueTriangle will link you to a range of affiliates which are all reputable. Something that I had in great excess was DVD’s and video games. BlueRectangle linked me to a site on which I was able to sell all my unwanted electronics, and in turn I was reimbursed a considerable sum of money.

Now I’m not encouraging you to sell everything you own, for life is about balance and chasing any one thing, in this case marijuana, is unhealthy and will set your life off tilt. But if you do have things lying around, you might just want to see what they’re worth. Below find a link to the site that I used to sell my extra DVD’s and video games. Although somewhat ‘sketchy’ at first glance, due to it’s simple layout, the staff is very prompt in answering any and all questions, shipping is fast, and everything is convenient. Plus, as they state on their site, “By taking a stand and sellling your surplus items you are giving them another life!”


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One response to “Funds”

  1. growersguidetocannabis says :

    why not use the money to set yourself up a little grow space? then you won’t have to end up trying to pawn your socks when you’ve run out of everything else ? i’m all in favour of recycling but why change something long term (dvd) into short term (pot) .. get yourself a new hobby instead! .. btw here’s how simple it is, look at the beginners guide on

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