The Joint

There is something time honored and sacred about the joint. Whether it’s because it was our parents choice method of smoking weed back at Woodstock, or the way it can be disguised as a cigarette, the joint undoubtably stands as one of the most common forms of ingesting THC.

The bong is for the heavy hitters, those days when you look outside and see no potential and instead turn to a day indoors, accompanied by a heavy-milking bong. But the joint is versatile. You can roll it up and take it just about anywhere just sitting in your pocket. The easy transport coupled with it’s historic imprint on smoking culture make it the method of choice for many.

The individuality of the joint also makes it an attractive option. No joint is the same, and for this reason arguments will arise over who gets to roll the specimen. There are those who will make their filters small and tight, opening to a large cone at the top. Others prefer a more symmetrical, conical shape and will roll a filter appropriately sized. There is so much choice that goes into the matter: king size papers, tulips, cross joints, L’s, blunts, the list goes on. People roll up for the same reasons they visit Starbucks every morning: an ordinary, everyday activity becomes a blunt tool for dissecting your inner self as you determine what you want from such a great array of options.

The versatility of rolling up turns smoking into a meaningful, soul-searching experience. I know I got pretty adventurous with my thinking, but I think it’s applicable if thought about the right way.


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One response to “The Joint”

  1. Mafalda Jotta says :

    Couldn’t agree more with this post!

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