Thoughts on Stoner Powers

One of the Greats

In trying to identify the linking factors between all stoners globally, something that came to mind was a humble means of living. Now those individuals I’m speaking of are not the rappers who claim to roll up seemingly every minute of the day, but rather those who have dedicated themselves to a life of balance between addiction and respect. Those who never lose touch with that dear friend, Mary Jane, are a peculiar species indeed.

Is it just me or do those few, such as Willie Nelson and Mitch Hedberg, live simple lives despite their extravagant success? Even when considering todays stars, you are much less likely to see Seth Rogan in the tabloids than Brad Pitt. Why? Because Seth Rogan, who gained success through his hybrid stoner comedies/romantic comedies, is busying himself in other ways; he’s partaking in that which the earth produced just for us lucky few.

Those who come to acknowledge the goodness that is marijuana tend to live a simpler, easy-going existence. It’s less about what you have in terms of material possessions, and more about the development of the character. At least that’s my romanticized take. More likely these stars are just broke because of the outrageous prices of our sacred entity, and prefer to live a simple life in return for bottomless zips. I don’t know. I just don’t know.



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