The Unappreciated

The truth is, there are people in this world, and they happen to be the majority, who go about their lives every day performing the menial tasks that society requires with little or no recognition of their work. This is for the janitors, the grocery baggers, the taxi drivers, and whoever makes your coffee in the morning. This is for the unsung heroes of the world.

All the comforts we take for granted in this world are enough to make anyone with a conscience blush. There is a sense of determination that goes unnoticed that must be required to withstand not only that which you must do every day, but the fact that no one seems to notice.

Happiness is achieved through feeling successful, and people garner individual success much through others praise. It is through the eyes of others that we see ourselves, and because of this it is a sad, sad truth that so many people walk about each day feeling forsaken and unnoticed.

Smile at someone who you think doesn’t know how much you value the work they do. Even if you don’t know them, give them a smile of reassurance.


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One response to “The Unappreciated”

  1. kabirvaani says :

    I write a blog about my experiences, voyages in search of altered states of consciousness with the hope of finding a deeper meaning in life. I consider myself, for a want of a better word, a spiritual seeker. I have been reading books, listening to a few self-styled new-age Gurus, and have been doing some thinking of my own. I am not a junkie. I consider myself a normal person with a normal job and a faimily to look after. I had heard and read about people getting deep insights into great metaphysical truths while taking psychedelic drugs like LSD and cannabis. After a lot of initial hesitation I decided to try cannabis. I take it once in two or three months, which, you will agree, does not make me an addict. I take it orally, one flat spoon with any non-alcoholic liquid. I also practice meditation occasionally. I take cannabis , not for pleasure or to get a high, but to re-discover myself.

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