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Don’t Call Papa Johns

A resident of Colorado, and a medical marijuana user, had his home searched earlier this month after the pizza delivery man from Papa Johns called the cops because he smelled marijuana on the premises. The pizza delivery man claimed he only called the police because he saw the man’s nine year old daughter was present, as was the pervasive smell of marijuana. A rival pizza parlor, Sexy Pizza, has now stated that they will give the Colorado resident one free pizza a month until a bill, scheduled to be reviewed in 2012, is passed that would make recreational use of marijuana in Colorado legal.

Even given my affinity for pot, I’m not sure I disagree with the decision the Papa Johns deliver man made. There is a place and time for getting high, and around your small children is not that place nor time. Although it seems that everything was under control and the girl was in no immediate danger, it’s hard to blame the delivery man for showing some concern.