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Just felt the need to update viewers that we are, in fact, a mere 10 views away from having 420 all-time reads. This is monumental, a shining moment that will come and go all too quickly; luckily this blackberry kush can stop time.


I can’t get this song out of my head between Big Sean’s flow and the amazing chorus:



Think about it…

This song fills a niche. That’s quite an accomplishment.

The Man of the Hour

There’s no denying that Mac Miller has taken over the music scene. His witty rhymes and his approachable persona make him one of the most intriguing artists out there today. What’s even better? He’s a stoner. Each successful album and mixtape are in turn huge strides for stoners everywhere.

New Video from Blue Slide Park:

Kid Cudi Quits Weed

Kid Cudi has jumped on the wagon. Now although most stories of quitting anything are assumed to be negative, Kid Cudi took the noble approach and quit while he was at the top. After judging the High Times Cannabis Cup 2010, shown extensively in his video Marijuana, Cudi decided that his life-long relationship with Mary Jane had reached it’s pinnacle, and it was now time for this friendship to fade to fond memories in an effort to create more room for growth in his life. In my eyes, I can’t think of a more respectable way to go out, and I can’t imagine anyone pulling it off as gracefully as Cudi himself.

“I dont smoke weed anymore. Ill leave it to the kids. Im 27 with a business to run and i need to be alert and focused with my mind strong. For those who still get it on, smoke one in my memory as your favorite lonely stoner.”

“Marijuana” music video:

Cudi explains why he quit: