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Do People Hate Us?

I’m beginning to wonder if I might be one of those guys who’s the first to back out and stay home on a weekend night just to get high and watch movies. It’s not so much that I’m lazy or unsociable, it’s more the fact that a night out drinking will never outdo a night of getting stoned with your good friends and doing something at home. Writing it out like that makes me feel lame but I feel like I can’t be alone in feeling this way.


I didn’t find this until recently, but high or not this song is incredible:


The Frat House

"What do you smoke? We smoke the band of brother's brand."

How much do you hate the frat house? Regardless, it is one of the surer places to find weed, and most times given the serious bro atmosphere in those dens of masculinity, you can walk in and walk out without dropping a dime. However, you do pay with your soul. I have so many questions for the frat bros. One, why do we have to smoke out of a bong one of you made with an empty liquor bottle? Yes, it’s amazing the things we create when we’re high and it’s wonderful to experience your own creativity first hand when you realize your own ingenuity was what made being high possible. But no one else gives a shit about the rickety contraption you’ve constructed. No one else sitting in the circle wants smoking weed to be an adventure. There is this sense of stunted growth inside a frat house that almost makes going there to smoke a mistake. Almost. Free weed is still free weed.