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The Dream

I’ve become obsessed with the idea of growing my own marijuana. Just imagine smoking something you grew from seed. It would be so empowering to have proven yourself capable of producing that which you love so much.

The bitch of it is that it is expensive as f*ck to get a setup that will actually produce anything without being too much of a hassle for anyone with a full time schedule. But it’s a dream. Something I will put on my bucket list.

For now, cruising those grow journals on are enough to satiate me. The details of the grows and the experience some of those guys have is absolutely incredible.


Where is Marcus Vick?

Marcus Vick, Center

Regardless of what we think of Michael at this point, there is something fundamentally wrong with the Vick family. After the elder brother’s well publicized stint in prison due to his dog fighting ventures, everyone was quick to label him the bad son.

So he graduates high school in a dream, offers from all the top programs, Virginia Tech, University of Miami, Virginia, NC State, the list goes on. After settling on Virginia Tech, he arrived on campus to the disappointment of being red shirted as a true freshman. Even so, he made his mark on the school athletically, grabbing peoples attention with his dual-weapon abilities, comprised of his running abilities as well as his passing skills.

In 2005, Marcus wowed fans by moving from third string quarterback to starter. Not just starter, but quarterback of a team that went 11-2 on the season, earning a spot at the ACC Championship Game, as well as winning the ACC Coastal Division title and the Gator Bowl. In 24 games, Marcus Vick recorded 2,868 passing yards for 19 touchdowns. On the ground he rushed 184 times for 492 yards and 6 touchdowns.

Despite his promising numbers on the field, Marcus Vick’s legal troubles soon began to show through and coaches took note of his terrible character. During his time at Virginia Tech, Vick had 9 motor vehicle violations which resulted first in a suspended license, but which later landed him in court when he was caught driving once again. On January 27, 2004, Vick was arrested for supposedly having sex with a 15-year old girl when he was 20. On field, Vick was punished for giving the crowd the finger during a game at West Virginia University. Everything culminated ┬áin the Gator Bowl of ’06 when Vick stomped on the leg of another player, future pro-bowler Elvis Dumervil, after the play had died. Although Vick claims to have apologized after the game, Dumervil maintains that he did no such thing. University of Louisville was astounded that Vick had maliciously attacked one of their players and filed a complaint with Virginia Tech which ultimately led to Marcus’ removal from the football team.

In response to his being kicked out of Virginia Tech, Vick stated, “It’s not a big deal. I’ll just move on to the next level, baby.”

But wait. Where is Marcus now? We haven’t seen him in the NFL since his short stint with the dolphins, and he hasn’t been in the news in a while. It should be noted that three days after Vick left Virginia Tech, he was arrested in the parking lot of a McDonalds for reportedly pointing a gun at three unarmed teenagers. When he was asked to provide his address, he indicated a mansion belonging to his brother, Michael.

So in closing, I think we should commend Michael Vick for working so hard to isolate his madness from humanity as it seems a genetic impulse to wreak havoc for these two brothers.

The Stomp:

Thoughts on Ricky Williams

"Y'all wanna light up?"

After a twitter follower recently said that if he could smoke with anyone, he’d pick Ricky Williams, I put some thought into the matter and decided that Ricky Williams steadfast commitment to a life induced with ganja warranted a blog post.

Now this man has tested positively to marijuana use on three separate occasions throughout his NFL career. On May 14th, 2004 the commissioner announced that Ricky Williams would be fined $650,000 and receive a four game suspension after he tested positive for marijuana. This was his second strike. It is thought that Williams failed a third test between May and November, at which time he announced he would retire from the NFL.

Let’s step back a minute. This man has the opportunity to make millions of dollars a year, and all that stands in his way is his marijuana use. What does he do? He retires. What a resounding and succinct way to stand up for what he believes.

Williams has been diagnosed with an array of personality disorders, and used to be the spokesman for Paxil, a pharmaceutical prescribed to those who suffer from the specific disorders Williams does. When he stepped down from this posision, he later stated in an ESPN interview that marijuana was a form of “psychotherapy” for him, and that “marijuana is ten times better for me than Paxil.”

Although he ended up returning to the NFL, Williams used his year off in 2004 to become a registered yoga instructor, and to teach classes at local universities during his stint playing in the Canadian Football League.

You have to love Ricky. The man medicates himself with marijauana, and maintains a successful career in the NFL? I don’t know about you all, but if I was medicating myself with marijuana there is not a good chance of me doing much of anything, and here is Ricky, running for 1,000 yards in 2010. He is an inspiration to ‘successful stoners’ everywhere.

In 2006, Williams stated that he no longer found it necessary to use marijuana. He tested positive for the fourth time in early 2007.

Thoughts on Stoner Powers

One of the Greats

In trying to identify the linking factors between all stoners globally, something that came to mind was a humble means of living. Now those individuals I’m speaking of are not the rappers who claim to roll up seemingly every minute of the day, but rather those who have dedicated themselves to a life of balance between addiction and respect. Those who never lose touch with that dear friend, Mary Jane, are a peculiar species indeed.

Is it just me or do those few, such as Willie Nelson and Mitch Hedberg, live simple lives despite their extravagant success? Even when considering todays stars, you are much less likely to see Seth Rogan in the tabloids than Brad Pitt. Why? Because Seth Rogan, who gained success through his hybrid stoner comedies/romantic comedies, is busying himself in other ways; he’s partaking in that which the earth produced just for us lucky few.

Those who come to acknowledge the goodness that is marijuana tend to live a simpler, easy-going existence. It’s less about what you have in terms of material possessions, and more about the development of the character. At least that’s my romanticized take. More likely these stars are just broke because of the outrageous prices of our sacred entity, and prefer to live a simple life in return for bottomless zips. I don’t know. I just don’t know.