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I’m about to start a boycott of airports. I’m so utterly fed up with the hoops they force you to jump through that the archaic form of trains and even buses have become more attractive options to me.

First, the airlines operate in a way that allows them to delay a flight if they don’t have enough heads on board to produce a profit. I think that’s bullsh*t. If I pay to fly at a particular time I should be provided that service. I am buying the time slot along with the ticket, not just any time slot that the airline can throw me in to.

The prices in airports infuriate me. I’m not even going to go into detail, but paying four dollars for candy not worth more than $1.29 at your local pharmacy drives me insane. It’s like living in an undeveloped, corrupt economy run by a dictator. Who is the king of the airport who charges such ludicrous rent to vendors that they sell their wares for three times the price? He should be overthrown.

Security remains the least troublesome aspect of airplane travel. I am never stopped for further examination, all my bags always pass through seamlessly, and it’s never a hassle. It’s every other little thing associated with airports that drive me to the brink of changing my itinerary.