Thoughts on Ricky Williams

"Y'all wanna light up?"

After a twitter follower recently said that if he could smoke with anyone, he’d pick Ricky Williams, I put some thought into the matter and decided that Ricky Williams steadfast commitment to a life induced with ganja warranted a blog post.

Now this man has tested positively to marijuana use on three separate occasions throughout his NFL career. On May 14th, 2004 the commissioner announced that Ricky Williams would be fined $650,000 and receive a four game suspension after he tested positive for marijuana. This was his second strike. It is thought that Williams failed a third test between May and November, at which time he announced he would retire from the NFL.

Let’s step back a minute. This man has the opportunity to make millions of dollars a year, and all that stands in his way is his marijuana use. What does he do? He retires. What a resounding and succinct way to stand up for what he believes.

Williams has been diagnosed with an array of personality disorders, and used to be the spokesman for Paxil, a pharmaceutical prescribed to those who suffer from the specific disorders Williams does. When he stepped down from this posision, he later stated in an ESPN interview that marijuana was a form of “psychotherapy” for him, and that “marijuana is ten times better for me than Paxil.”

Although he ended up returning to the NFL, Williams used his year off in 2004 to become a registered yoga instructor, and to teach classes at local universities during his stint playing in the Canadian Football League.

You have to love Ricky. The man medicates himself with marijauana, and maintains a successful career in the NFL? I don’t know about you all, but if I was medicating myself with marijuana there is not a good chance of me doing much of anything, and here is Ricky, running for 1,000 yards in 2010. He is an inspiration to ‘successful stoners’ everywhere.

In 2006, Williams stated that he no longer found it necessary to use marijuana. He tested positive for the fourth time in early 2007.



We’ve all experienced that scramble to assemble any and all funds for a mellow afternoon. There’s a sense of desperation as you check your savings account, look in books for bills used as bookmarks, and generally wreak havoc on your life trying to find the necessary fiscal backing.

Now I’m not endorsing pawning off everything you own in the search for the holy grail, but it would also be ignorant to say that everything lying around the house is being used, fulfilling it’s individual function. The truth is, we all have stashes of unwanted things around the house that we no longer use, no longer need, and which simply sit and collect dust.

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Although they themselves do not purchase the items, BlueTriangle will link you to a range of affiliates which are all reputable. Something that I had in great excess was DVD’s and video games. BlueRectangle linked me to a site on which I was able to sell all my unwanted electronics, and in turn I was reimbursed a considerable sum of money.

Now I’m not encouraging you to sell everything you own, for life is about balance and chasing any one thing, in this case marijuana, is unhealthy and will set your life off tilt. But if you do have things lying around, you might just want to see what they’re worth. Below find a link to the site that I used to sell my extra DVD’s and video games. Although somewhat ‘sketchy’ at first glance, due to it’s simple layout, the staff is very prompt in answering any and all questions, shipping is fast, and everything is convenient. Plus, as they state on their site, “By taking a stand and sellling your surplus items you are giving them another life!”

Thoughts on Stoner Powers

One of the Greats

In trying to identify the linking factors between all stoners globally, something that came to mind was a humble means of living. Now those individuals I’m speaking of are not the rappers who claim to roll up seemingly every minute of the day, but rather those who have dedicated themselves to a life of balance between addiction and respect. Those who never lose touch with that dear friend, Mary Jane, are a peculiar species indeed.

Is it just me or do those few, such as Willie Nelson and Mitch Hedberg, live simple lives despite their extravagant success? Even when considering todays stars, you are much less likely to see Seth Rogan in the tabloids than Brad Pitt. Why? Because Seth Rogan, who gained success through his hybrid stoner comedies/romantic comedies, is busying himself in other ways; he’s partaking in that which the earth produced just for us lucky few.

Those who come to acknowledge the goodness that is marijuana tend to live a simpler, easy-going existence. It’s less about what you have in terms of material possessions, and more about the development of the character. At least that’s my romanticized take. More likely these stars are just broke because of the outrageous prices of our sacred entity, and prefer to live a simple life in return for bottomless zips. I don’t know. I just don’t know.


The Joint

There is something time honored and sacred about the joint. Whether it’s because it was our parents choice method of smoking weed back at Woodstock, or the way it can be disguised as a cigarette, the joint undoubtably stands as one of the most common forms of ingesting THC.

The bong is for the heavy hitters, those days when you look outside and see no potential and instead turn to a day indoors, accompanied by a heavy-milking bong. But the joint is versatile. You can roll it up and take it just about anywhere just sitting in your pocket. The easy transport coupled with it’s historic imprint on smoking culture make it the method of choice for many.

The individuality of the joint also makes it an attractive option. No joint is the same, and for this reason arguments will arise over who gets to roll the specimen. There are those who will make their filters small and tight, opening to a large cone at the top. Others prefer a more symmetrical, conical shape and will roll a filter appropriately sized. There is so much choice that goes into the matter: king size papers, tulips, cross joints, L’s, blunts, the list goes on. People roll up for the same reasons they visit Starbucks every morning: an ordinary, everyday activity becomes a blunt tool for dissecting your inner self as you determine what you want from such a great array of options.

The versatility of rolling up turns smoking into a meaningful, soul-searching experience. I know I got pretty adventurous with my thinking, but I think it’s applicable if thought about the right way.

Khan Academy

I’m going to let you fellow stoners in on one of the greatest things since Pineapple Express: This is your one stop shop for learning anything math or science related. I kid you not when I say that this man can teach you a semester’s worth of calculus in an hours worth of free online videos documenting different solutions for a huge array of problems. He was recently cited by Bill Gates of Microsoft as one of the innovators of the future.

His simple approach on each topic provides a professionally abridged version in which he teaches what he believes works best, while touching on every obscure formula you could possibly come across in class. And believe me when I say this, Salman Khan is a brilliant teacher. His ability to draw you into the learning process and allow you to come out with so much knowledge on the other side is really remarkable.

From a stoner’s point of view, his voice is enrapturing. I can’t say what it is but there’s a 60’s sportscaster’s captivating voice that delivers each video in a concise and easily understandable manner. The ease with which you can watch a video and simply let the information wash over you is incredible.

Whether you’re someone who is interested in learning something in a variety of mathematical and scientific disciplines, or a student looking to cram before a last minute test, Khan Academy will help you achieve at levels you had thought impossible.

Blueberry Kush

Blueberry Kush, That Hit It and Look At It

Haha, so I see my parnter here decided to get started without me. It’s cool, it’s cool, I’ll catch him in a few. But if he is gonna be the Ganja Man, then I must be The Rasta Monsta. Now lets stop all the bullshit, and talk about the one woman we all love, Mary Jane. Now this bad ass bitch in particular, also likes to go by another name, Blueberry Kush. Yep, the prime rare shit, that even makes your dealer happy. This man stepping to you with a smile on his face saying, “I gotz that Blueberry Kush.” Now I’ve only been with this particular girl once but that one time made me fall in love. I smoked her on top of a New York City Skyscraper, as the sun was rising. Some real smooth shit. And man is this bitch loud at hell when she hits. I mean, damn. That hit it and look at it shit.

Can I Do This?

Sometimes the thought comes to mind, “Can I do this?” Typically it’s in a pivotal moment, one of life and death even. One of the greatest qualities of marijuana is that it causes you to stop and think, countless times, “Can I do this?”

Let me give you an example. Last night, I’m out on the street doing my thing, and a crew of guys was busy repaving the street. Now, in trying to cross the road back to the side of the street on which my apartment sits, my eyes caught the hot steam rising off the wet tar, along with the crew, rough looking men who probably drank with off duty cops every night. I immediately panicked and began to ask myself if I was capable of making it across the street. Not only was the earth seemingly melting, but there were men all up and down along the street who were undoubtably good friends with at least a few policemen.

The most insane and unreasonable thoughts come to mind when you’re high, but we must admit, that’s why we love it. In a world where we take so much at face value and don’t stop enough to enjoy things, having your mind working at a pace just quick enough to take in all that is around you, and in a manner that allows yourself to question your surroundings, is not so much an inconvenience as a beautiful thing. Weed seemingly gifts you the time it takes to stop, contemplate, and reflect. And for that I am thankful.